Christou Residence, Melbourne, Australia

I had the pleasure of doing a Virtual Interior Design or E-Decor for the Christou family living in Melbourne, Australia with their two kids. 

They had a very formal living room that was stuffy and underused, and they were having a hard time figuring out how to use the space more efficiently and effectively.  They contacted me to turn this stuffy formal living room into a more casual room  where the whole family could hang out, watch TV, and where Mrs. Christou could have her own crafting workspace.  The goal for the family room was for the whole family to be able to use the room all the time.  

Relaxed, happy, and casual; modern with touches of color—that was the prescription for transforming this family’s living space.

Christine is very professional and super lovely,” Anastasia said, “so easy to work with and I loved everything she suggested. She gave us lots of ideas and options without making me confused, or my mind cluttered. She also understood what we needed as a family and also, she got ‘my style’ so that was important to me as well.”

Fomitskiya Residence, Union Square, New York

This E-decor project was designed for a client living in Soho, New York City with their cat Venus.  The couple wanted a very modern and elegant space with a touch of color.  I felt that the color white was appropriate for this space, because it will make the space look elegant and give it a sense of expansiveness.  For the dining table we chose a glass top with chrome legs.  Red was used as the accent color, on the side table and dining chairs,  to give the room warmth.  A black and white rug was used to unify and ground the space.  Leather was the choice of upholstery here, for its durability and ease of care, and it's cat proof.

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