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Love Your Home So Much That You Don't Ever Want To Leave!

  • Are you feeling stressed out and overwhelmed in your home?
  • Are you feeling uninspired and unmotivated in your home?
  • Is your home in alignment with your purpose and your dreams?

Imagine you have a home that reflects who you are, that inspires and motivates you every time you walk in?  A home that you take pride in showing, inviting your friends and family over for wine and cheese.

Lounging on the sofa, having a great conversation,  where you start dreaming and scheming about you next idea, travel adventure, or business venture, listening to Bossa Nova with its soft, relaxed, and rhythmic sound and drinking Malbec your favorite red wine from Argentina.

 A home that is surrounded by what you love that supports your health, wellness, and quality of life. A home that gives you the feeling that "I can't believe I live here", where you get to relax, enjoy life and live your best life!

Interior Design is not just about making your home beautiful but about nourishing your soul, bring happiness and comfort to your life, to be more productive, and create a quality of life that you want.  

I am passionate about Interior Design because I know it's true.  I have been there in your situation myself, where I felt stressed, overwhelmed, and uninspired in my home, I know how you feel.  

I want to help you connect with your home on a deeper level and help you reach your dream!  

I have limited spots open for a Free 30 min. Happy Up Your Home Session!

On our call we will:
  • talk about your dreams and find out what is currently not working in your home.
  • you will walk away with action steps that you can take to make your home more inviting right now 
  • you will have a clear idea on your design direction.

Sign Up Now Before All The Spots Are Taken!

"...Christine has all the traits of a good Interior Designer:  she is empathetic, a good listener, has a great sense of style, is not afraid of color and is hardworking and detailed oriented.  Anyone who is thinking about choosing Christine to design their home, will after one meeting, realize that she is the type of person to cater to your needs, rather than designing for herself, but will inspire you with her creation and add some real sense of style to your interior!"

Sandra F., New York

Don’t let another year go by dreaming about someday…

…Someday I’ll have a bedroom I can relax in instead of feeling stressed out every time I walk through the door.

…Someday I’ll have enough seating in my home to be able to invite people over (if I could just figure out where to put it all)

.…Someday I’ll finish that decorating project I started, when I can find all the right pieces.

Sign up for a TOTALLY FREE 30 minute Happy Up Your Home session and your someday starts today.

But don’t wait. I won’t be able to offer this incredible opportunity to work with a real designer for free forever.  Take advantage of this deal and book your free session today.

"Christine helped me decorate the main living area for a furnished summer rental. We had just moved into a new home, and found renters for our old place much sooner than we had anticipated. Summer had already begun, and they wanted to get in there as soon as possible. I was short on time and budget, and really needed help taking the apartment from its original metropolitan feel, to something more beach inspired. We needed to be able to coordinate new items with existing furniture, and didn’t have the luxury of repainting. In spite of all these conditions, Christine was able to successfully meet our needs with several simple, well thought out suggestions and resources. She did a great job explaining her rationale and goals for each element, and how each step would contribute to the feel and functionality of the space. We were sad to leave the old apartment, after seeing it looking so fabulous! Our renters and realtor continue to comment on how fantastic the apartment looks..."

--LG, Long Branch, NJ

What are you waiting for? Don’t you owe it to yourself to be happy in your own home? 

You spent a lot of time and energy picking out the perfect place. You worked hard to earn the money to live where you want to live.

Don’t settle for second rate when it comes to how you feel every time you step through that door.

Spots are limited. Sign up for your complementary Happy Up Your Home session Today!

"Christine was a delight to work with.  We were having a hard time putting our living room together in a cohesive way and she brought our vision to reality!"  

Maggie F., New York, New York  

“Christine provided us with plenty of wonderful tips and websites to search for our artwork. We bought two prints for our hallway. Love it !  

Jennifer W., New York

P.S.  Don’t wait. I’ll only be offering this incredible opportunity to work with a real designer for FREE for a limited time! Grab this deal while it lasts.  Click here to schedule.


Thank you for reading Happy Lady Decorates. I would love to hear from you about your design dilemma's or any other design problems you might have, just shoot me an email or leave me a comment and I will be very Happy to help you out with it.
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