Wednesday Art: Spotlight on Anne Harwell

Adding art into the home is one of the ways that we can make a house feel homey.  The art the we choose needs to speak to us, grab our attention and make us fall in love with them.  This is exactly what Anne Harwell's art is doing to me.  They definitely speak to me, first because I love color, her artwork is so colorful, second because I love watercolor illustrations of interiors and furniture, and third they make me smile.

So what do you think?  Do these illustrations make you happy and smile?

If not, what do you look for when you are looking for artwork?

P.S.  Had the day off yesterday and went fabric shopping.  I was in fabric heaven.  Saw some great faux fur that were so nice and soft and luxurious.  I'll post some pics up on my fabric finds later this week. 

P.P.S Was also at the flower market.  Went there looking for planters for my plants, but was really disappointed.  Many of the flower shops closed down, and there weren't too many planter options compared to a year ago.  What's going on with the flower market??

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Love it or Hate it: Wall Treatment and a Bust

I'm a big fan of textured wall, and I'm loving the wall treatment in this apartment, it's made to resemble the stonework facade of  The Frick Collection here in New York City. The wall treatment gives it a sense of depth and interest to the room, and it feels very outdoorsy.  This is a great example of bringing the outside in.  I love it when I see people that open to different ideas to enhance the beauty of ones home than just using plain old paint, wallpaper, or beadboard. 
Another element that I love about the room is the bust.  I am fascinated by them.  I think they are sexy and gives the space some intrigue and sex appeal. There is something about a bust that commands attention.  

I like how the color Brown was used to ground the space. 

I am not too crazy about the stairwell railings, makes the space looks a little cold.  I do love the Moroccan chandelier.

Next time when you are decorating think about how you can add interest to the wall, besides using paint or bead board, or wall paper think how you can add some texture to it to enhance the beauty of the room.

What do you think of the wall treatment - do you like it or hate it?

P.S.  It's Chinese New Year today, so I want to wish you all a Happy Year of the Dragon!!!  This is the year to make lots of noise for all the Dragons out there, including me!

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Jenna Lyons Home: The Perfectly Imperfect Home

 Ever since I lay me eyes on the Domino Issue with Jenna Lyons home in it, I couldn't keep my eyes off from it, it was Love at first sight.  Every time I look at it I get excited, I get inspired, and I get a little teary eyed, thinking what the next owner of this amazing home is going to do with it (the house went on sale a couple of months ago.).  Luucky for us, these images of Jenna Lyon's home will remain with us forever.

Everytime I look at these images, I find something to love about, I never get tired of looking at it, there is always something new that captures my attention every time I look at it.  And believe me I've poured over these pictures thousands and thousands of times.  This is what we as Interior Designers strive to do.  To instill in the home a sense of excitement every time the homeowners walks into the home.  To make sure that there is always a little something  that captures the owners interest, that makes them want to come back home over and over again. 

Do you see any ideas that you would like to incorporate into your home? Or we can dream about our perfectly imperfect home.

It's the weekend again, can't believe how the days fly by when you are busy doing what you love.  Here are five sites that will keep you busy for the weekend, it's a feast for the eyes and your wallet:

1. Gemma Redux - her jewelries are amazing where she blends natural and gem stones with metals creating spectacular pieces.  I especially love her Lapiz and Malachite pieces.
2. Check out Daily Candy's Editor's New Year Resolution - they have great stuff there that I want to get for myself
3.  I discovered a new online magazine called House of Fifty - Ideas for inspired living
4. The Illustrations of Anne Harwell - I love illustrations of furniture, and Anne does it so well that I want to buy every one of them and hang them on the walls
5.  I'm in search of a new business card and I cam upon Pixelimpress. It's going to be so hard to decide now, they are all so beautiful. 

P.s. Had vegan cheese yesterday with my tortilla, and it was sooo Yummie!! Taste just like real cheese.  I can't live without cheese, so this is a great substitute! Maybe they should start making vegetarian Gouda cheese, is this even possible?

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Calm and Relaxed

The serene blue walls reminds me of a day on the beach sitting on a beach chair reading a book and sipping Pina Colada, pure relaxation and enjoyment.  So, if you want to feel like your on the beach choose a blue color that resembles the ocean for the walls.  
Two chairs of different shapes in the space makes the room interesting and lived in.  The pop of fuschia brings the living room alive.  

What are your thoughts on the color blue for the walls?  Is it a yay or a nay?

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15 Lighting Tips for Living Rooms

Today's post is a guest post from Kiya at 1001 Floor Lamps.  Hope you will enjoy her post as much as I did. 

Second only to the kitchen, you and your family will spend a great deal of time in the living room.  For this reason, it is important that you have proper lighting for each and every activity that takes place in the space. From reading to movie watching, the perfect lighting can make all the difference.  Below are 15 lighting tip for living rooms that can help you ensure you have the right lighting for your space.
·         Paint color affects lighting. Realize that the darker the paint color in your living room, the more lighting source you will need. Light, natural will require less lighting. However, dark, rich colors are very popular and can look fabulous with the correct lighting.

·         You will need more than one light. If you have only one light in your living room, you aren’t correctly lighting your space. While it may seem bright enough in there, adding in other lighting sources can help with activities that go on in your living room.

·         Natural light is important during the day. Window can provide great lighting during the daytime.  Large windows in the living room often eliminate the need for multiple lighting sources during the day. 

·         The material you choose for curtains will affect lighting. Similarly, the materials that you choose to cover up your windows will affect the quality of the natural light that in your living room. For natural light during the day, choose light colored curtains and blinds that will allow the natural light to flow in freely.

·         Table lamps are important for task lighting. For activities such as reading, table lamps can be very beneficial. Place table lamps near sofas and chairs that are used for reading.

·         Wall sconces are perfect for ambiance lighting. If you like to create a romantic mood every now and then, be sure that you have wall sconces for lighting. 

·         Add floor lamps to areas that need light but do not have table surface. If there are dark spaces in your living room that you are having trouble getting light to, choose a nice floor lamp to help illuminate the space.

·         Dimmers can be helpful.  Install dimmers on every lighting source that you have.  This helps control the light and mood of your room as well. This is an inexpensive way to make your space as bright or as dim as you want it.

·         Recessed or track lighting can create beauty. Recessed lighting in your ceiling is a great way to add light to any space, including the living room. 

·         Choose a beautiful central light source to help anchor the room. While you do want to have several sources of lighting in your room, don’t exclude a central lighting source.  Choose a beautiful chandelier or ceiling fixture to be the central lighting source. 

·         Mix lighting for the perfect combination. A combination of lighting will help create the perfect living room space.  Use several at one time and don’t be afraid to do it!

·         Add lighting to highlight sculptures or favorite art pieces. Be sure that the art pieces and sculptures that you want to show off are highlighted by lighting sources. 

·         Warm white light bulbs should be the color of choice. Choose a warm white light bulb as opposed to bright white.  Again, the color of your paint will make all the difference in how well the lighting works in your living room.

·         Shelves are the perfect place for lighting. Choose lighting for your shelves, too, so that you can highlight collector’s items. This is an inexpensive way to create the perfect living room space.

·         Choose lighting that works for you. Lastly, be sure that the lighting that you choose works for you. Everyone has different tastes and style in lighting.  Regardless of what others may say about your space, you are the one who needs to be pleased with it in the long run. For this reason, choose what YOU love.

Use the 15 lighting tips listed above to help you create the perfect atmosphere in your living room.  How many lighting sources will you choose to use?

P.s I'm on my 8th day of  Kris Carr's Cleanse and I have to say that I feel much more energized and less tired.  And I am really enjoying those smoothies.

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Hudson, New York and My Intentions for 2012

Wow I can't believe  how time flew by right after New Year's.  I spend my New Years at a little town called Hudson right along the Hudson River.  It's a very nice, quite, and quaint little town with spectacular view. 

Hudson is known for being the antiquing town, on Warren street you will find the whole stretch with antique shop and great restaurants.  So if  you like antiquing, or  are looking for something special this is the place to go.  If you go, keep in mind that the antique stores are close on Mondays and Tuesdays, this is their weekend, since Saturday and Sundays are their busy days.  Here some great pieces that I saw there that piqued my interest:

Aside from Antique shops they also have some great B and B's where you can stay at for a couple of days while antiquing and walking around town.  My husband and I stayed at the Country Squire Inn, our gracious host and owner, Paul was very welcoming and made us feel just like home, he is very knowledgeable about Hudson and it's architecture and was very helpful with our stay at the Inn.  And the breakfast was just divine.  There are also alot of great restaurants, like Ca'Mea, where we had an absolutely delicious pasta, Da Ba where we had our 8 course dinner for NYE, and Swoon where the porkloin was so moist and smoky, my mouth gets watery just by thinking about it.  For brunch/lunch Le Gamin is the place to be, this french bistro is rocking, besides having really good food, you also get a treat for your eyes, you will see the most beautiful and the coolest looking people here.  Besides antiquing the town is also an architectural delight, with the houses still retaining their artchitectural details, and I heard from Paul that the town of Hudson is starting an Architectural walk soon, this will be interesting.

The First slide below is the Country Squire Inn where we stayed.

Not far away is the site of Olana, the famous house of Frederic Church that sits atop of a hill.  It's an artchitectural feat of it's time, built in 1872 to the style of Persian design.  The view from the house is extraordinary, you should definately visit it, if not to see the house, to just walk around the property it's amazing. 

I love taking weekend trips like this to small towns, they are so rich with culture and architecture that I always learn something from, and discovering new and exciting stores or products.  I hope to have many more of these short tips to come.  As of now, I will be going back to Aruba in February for Carnival, I will be blogging from there, and bringing you all the excitement of Carnival and the costumes.  Next up, I am hoping to visit Falling Waters by Frank Lloyd Wright in March. Launch my full fledged Interior design...Online business in March, get an interview or a write up on Decor8 for my interior design venture.  Then there's a wedding in London that we got invited to in April that I want to go, I might go to Holland for my baby brother's graduation in July, by this time I expect to be working full time from home, enjoy summer at the park and dream and scheme about my next idea, make a baby, earn $50K from my solopreneur biz,  and then chillax in Aruba for Xmas and New Year's  and say Hello to the New Year 2013!!

To a happy and fruitfull 2012!! 

P.S.  I started Kriss Carr's 21 Day Cleanse, I'm on my 4th day now!! Yay!!Made the Green Guru Smoothie today, it's delish so soft and velvety, YUMM...!!
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