Wednesday Art: Spotlight on Anne Harwell

Adding art into the home is one of the ways that we can make a house feel homey.  The art the we choose needs to speak to us, grab our attention and make us fall in love with them.  This is exactly what Anne Harwell's art is doing to me.  They definitely speak to me, first because I love color, her artwork is so colorful, second because I love watercolor illustrations of interiors and furniture, and third they make me smile.

So what do you think?  Do these illustrations make you happy and smile?

If not, what do you look for when you are looking for artwork?

P.S.  Had the day off yesterday and went fabric shopping.  I was in fabric heaven.  Saw some great faux fur that were so nice and soft and luxurious.  I'll post some pics up on my fabric finds later this week. 

P.P.S Was also at the flower market.  Went there looking for planters for my plants, but was really disappointed.  Many of the flower shops closed down, and there weren't too many planter options compared to a year ago.  What's going on with the flower market??

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