Jenna Lyons Home: The Perfectly Imperfect Home

 Ever since I lay me eyes on the Domino Issue with Jenna Lyons home in it, I couldn't keep my eyes off from it, it was Love at first sight.  Every time I look at it I get excited, I get inspired, and I get a little teary eyed, thinking what the next owner of this amazing home is going to do with it (the house went on sale a couple of months ago.).  Luucky for us, these images of Jenna Lyon's home will remain with us forever.

Everytime I look at these images, I find something to love about, I never get tired of looking at it, there is always something new that captures my attention every time I look at it.  And believe me I've poured over these pictures thousands and thousands of times.  This is what we as Interior Designers strive to do.  To instill in the home a sense of excitement every time the homeowners walks into the home.  To make sure that there is always a little something  that captures the owners interest, that makes them want to come back home over and over again. 

Do you see any ideas that you would like to incorporate into your home? Or we can dream about our perfectly imperfect home.

It's the weekend again, can't believe how the days fly by when you are busy doing what you love.  Here are five sites that will keep you busy for the weekend, it's a feast for the eyes and your wallet:

1. Gemma Redux - her jewelries are amazing where she blends natural and gem stones with metals creating spectacular pieces.  I especially love her Lapiz and Malachite pieces.
2. Check out Daily Candy's Editor's New Year Resolution - they have great stuff there that I want to get for myself
3.  I discovered a new online magazine called House of Fifty - Ideas for inspired living
4. The Illustrations of Anne Harwell - I love illustrations of furniture, and Anne does it so well that I want to buy every one of them and hang them on the walls
5.  I'm in search of a new business card and I cam upon Pixelimpress. It's going to be so hard to decide now, they are all so beautiful. 

P.s. Had vegan cheese yesterday with my tortilla, and it was sooo Yummie!! Taste just like real cheese.  I can't live without cheese, so this is a great substitute! Maybe they should start making vegetarian Gouda cheese, is this even possible?

To fall in Love with your home all over again send me an email at Tse.Christine@hotmail.com  


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