Good Interior Design + 4 Ideas to Spice Up Your Kitchen

A kitchen should be a warm, welcoming room where you can bake chocolate chip cookies and serve a delicious meal to a table full of smiling friends and family.

But maybe your kitchen lacks a little something that pulls it together and makes it a place you’re happy to call your own? Let’s take a look at a beautiful kitchen design and see what good ideas we can grab for your home.

This is the kitchen of Mark Crumpacker and Tim Wildin, executives at the Chipotle Mexican Grill. They brought in architect Thaddeus Briner who they know because he also created several minimalist designed Chipotle restaurants. With their ideas combined, the trio created a room that makes me oooooh and ahhhhhh at its design.

The overall look of the room is light and airy, while the built-in walnut cabinets with their seamless doors frame the stove and create an interesting focal point. Notice the use of two different materials in the kitchen: walnut and white cabinet panels. Had they used white cabinets, the room would appear cold and stark. Instead, the walnut gives it a warm, inviting look.

Choosing to include cabinet panels with grooves in the design makes it look less like a kitchen cabinet and more like a piece of furniture. The grooves also give the cabinet a handmade, down-to-earth feeling. If they had chosen flat panels, the feeling would be more contemporary.

Behind the stove, the full back splash of natural stone Calcutta is elegant and looks like a piece of art. Another good idea in this kitchen is the apron because it makes the counter top look like a thick slab.

Designing a kitchen takes time, patience and an attention to detail. Before you begin to create your space, you need to know how you want people to feel when they walk into the room and how the kitchen design will flow into the surrounding interior spaces.

Consider the four good ideas we talked about in this article for your own kitchen. To make sure you know which ones I’m talking about, here they are again:

1. Create visual interest with kitchen cabinet panels.
2. Add an apron or a build up to create height and thickness for the counter top. Quick Design Tip: You can ask your stone fabricator to do a 45 degree or miter edge with a build up of your desired thickness.
3. Warm up the room by using a wood finish instead of a painted finish.
4. Use a stone back splash to create visual interest and add elegance.

Have you tried to design your own kitchen? What problems did you have? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll try to help you. 

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