Interior Design Ideas for 3 New York City Bahtrooms

I'm working on three bathrooms for a client in New York City.  The first step in designing a bathroom is gather tiles together for the floor, wall and accents based on the client’s criteria, color preferences, and desired mood in the bathroom.  Then, by the process of elimination, we take out the ones that do not working the space based on pricing.  Some chosen materials were more than what the owners wanted to spend, and some tiles did not work with each other.   For example, the undertone of a wall tile did not match the tile that was chosen for the bathroom floor, and some colors were not right for the feeling that we wanted to create. 

Below are the design ideas for the three bathrooms

Interior Design Idea 1st Bathroom

 The client wanted a classic, contemporary feel.  The final choices are light and airy to match their desire for this guest bathroom.  They wanted to use tiles and design that would feel up to date in 10 years from now and that would not look dated.  The White Carrara marble with the subway tile is perfect for this space; both materials are classic and timeless.  To make it feel more contemporary, I have chosen to use a rectangular marble mosaic.

Materials: 1. White Carrara, 2. White subway tile, 3. White Carrara mosaic, and 4. Athens gray light mosaic

Interior Design Idea 2nd Bathroom

This second interior design idea is for the kids’bathroom, so it’s a bit more modern and fun.  The use of black slate honed tiles gives the bathroom a modern look and the honeycomb flower motif gives the bathroom a playful element. With this bathroom, we were able to have more fun with the floor, but also keeping in mind that it will not look dated 10 years from now.

Materials: 1. Black Slate Honed, 2. Glass strips, 3. Honeycomb in Asian Statuary

Interior Design Idea 3rd Bathroom 

 For this last bathroom design, which is the master bathroom, the client wanted something traditional and classic.  They will have a claw foot tub in their bathroom and the best way to compliment the tub and to achieve the client’s desires is to create a sanctuary that is timeless, light and airy by using traditional, classic materials and design like the octagon or basketweave with black dots, subway tiles with an decorative cap.

Material: 1. White subway tile, 2. Octagon with black dot,3. Basket weave with black dot, 4. Decorative Cap

The next part in my 3-part bathroom interior design series will show how I put the materials together.

Are you working on a bathroom redesign and are at a loss of what materials to use and how to coordinate your floor tiles with the wall tiles and choosing an accent?  Tell me at the comments and I’ll be happy to guide you through.  Or if you’d like, I can create the perfect bathroom that meets your ideas and brings great design to the interior of your home.  Contact me at Tse.Christine@hotmail.com


Inspiring outdoor design Inspiration and Friday Link Love

Inspirations from African safari tented camps to create your own outdoor or indoor sanctuary at home.

I am off on vacation in Egypt taking a cruise on the Nile and visiting different historical places,  and then we are heading to Tanzania for a safari trip.   I have scheduled some post during my vacation time, I'll have a post on three bathrooms that I worked on in NYC, and lessons that I've learned from working on a beach house in Nantucket  that was published in Elle Decor.  I will check in from time to time when internet services permit, and upload pictures of our travels.

Now to two women with amazing blogs and talent that I've discovered this week:
1.  Etincelle Creative Studio - She lives in Singapore, and is super talented check out her styling for Rue magazine for a home in Singapore and her lovely etsy shop with her designs.
2. Citrus and Orange - She's a mom of two, an economist by day and she can give Amy Atlas a run for her money. Go check out her killer party tablescapes

Have a nice and wonderful weekend everyone!!

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