I always had a thing for Malachite, beside its beautiful green color, it's a symbol of life, nature, balance, growth, fertility, and change.  So, if you need a new state of balance, feel a need to change or grow, want freedom to pursue new ideas, protection from fears and anxieties, and when you want money flowing your way, baby add some Green Malachite in your Life!!!  I just did!

I fell head over heals for this bangle from Furbish when I first saw it on Made By Girl.  I new I had to buy it right then and there.  Now it is sitting prettily on my watch case until I find the right moment to wear it.

Some of my Malachite inspirations that I have saved for some time now:

1. I don't remember where the 1st inspiration came from, but it's an absolutely stunning piece of art.  I'm in love with it. 
2. This is a collection from Judy Aldridge from the famous personal style and home decor blog Atlantis Home
3. Faux Malachite wallpaper from Decor by Alix4. Malachite knob from Formentero by Eduardo Garza

My Malachite Inspired Room:

Malachite can definitely add some luxe and pizzazz to any decor.

1. Silver Travertine Cross cut for the walls,   2. Colorful abstract art from Lana Gomez.  The paint ties and ground the whole room together,  3. Screen from unknown source,  4. Desk Chair, french with silk dupioni fabric in hot pink, 
5. Bronze and Malchite Table lamp by Willy Daro from Craig van den Brulle at 1st Dibs,  6. Collection of Malachite and Black marble Obelisk from Dragonette Limited at 1st Dibs,  7. Set of three sculptures by Pamela Sunday
8. The hand chair by Pedro Friedeberg,  9. Faux Ivory Tusk and Brass dining Table/Desk from Stripe Vintage Modern at 1st Dibs,  Love Love Love this table, I want one, 10. Green Rug from ABC Rug Color reform collection

More Malachite inspired Rooms:





Kelly Wearstler

Unknown,  Malachite wallpapered kitchen

Love how J.Crew used Malachite in their vignette in this months catalog.  Here you can see more Malachite green color combo with Purple, Orange, Red, Tan brown.
Vignette from J.Crew's catalog

Another Malachite color combo with Red, Blue and White

Are you ready to add some Malachite into your life?


Things that caught my eye at the Architectural Design - Dining by Design Show 2011

I'm not sure why I like this chair, it just has something that I'm attracted to. 

 Tablescape by Scandia
Love the simplicity of the design, it gives a calm feeling.   And the branch hung like a light fixture gives it a feeling that we are out in the nature. 

Sorry, don't remember the designer for this one.  
But I love the Gold against the black background. 

Calla Lily's are my favorite flowers, it's so simple nice and elegant.
 I love the color fuchsia against the white table tops.  

 Got to Love Copper!
Porcelain cup stools are from Tucker Robbins 

 This one is one of my faves, by Donald and Katherine Lanziero.
It feels like the twilight zone, it's freaky but at the same time sexy. 

Oh Hello, Angels! 

Jeffrey Brooks Interior Design
This is one of my favorite tablescapes.
Love how he got creative in using veggies as decor.

Pratt Institute 

Vicente Wolfe
Love how dreamy this is. 

I have a thing for shiny surfaces, and this floor is just SEXY!.  
It's marble tiles cut in 4" x 12" installed in a staggered pattern.

Chandelier from Arteriors Home 

 David Stark for Benjamin Moore Paint
The victorian trompe l'oeil wallpaper, makes one feel that your having tea in the victorian era.

Interesting Pre-finished floors by PID Floors 

Free form designs from nature, they make great tablescapes on a dining table or console.

Art of Steampunk by Donovan Design 

This spider table will definitely make a statement.  

Thank you for reading Happy Lady Decorates. I would love to hear from you about your design dilemma's or any other design problems you might have, just shoot me an email or leave me a comment and I will be very Happy to help you out with it.
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