Escape with me to a colorful, budget-friendly house in Alicante, Spain

I absolutely love this house I discovered in a Spanish home magazine, called Casa al Dia, which my cousin got me while vacationing in Spain. Too bad they don’t sell it here in the States! 

The featured houses are unlike the luxurious houses in Elle Decor or Architectural Digest. Instead, the houses are more laid back with touches of color. The best thing about them is that their look can be achieved with any budget. Visitors to your home will feel homey, plus your kids can jump on the sofa.

For now, I want you to be transported to this beautiful home in Alicante and imagine how the owners live in this house and how their lives might be.

I love this outdoor space, which appears so comfortable with throw pillows and relaxed cushions. Imagine the parties you could have here, with family and friends, drinking wine and enjoying good food al fresco.

The owners of the house created a neutral canvas by using grey tones, that are visible on the floor with the grey marble tiles and the grey tulle drapes, which gives them permission to use pieces with character and charm, and bold colors.

The salavaged antique door brings us into the house.  Did you notice how the inside of the door frame is painted the same color as the door, giving it a personality of its own.

Once you walk into the entry way you are immediately captivated by the red Murano crystal chandelier, and also the multi faceted mirror that gives the entry way chararcter. 

Can you see how the light fixture above the dining table makes the understated table and chairs pop?

The white kitchen gives the space a clean and polished look and the anthracite wall color at the back gives the space depth.

The vertical design of the fireplace gives makes the wall look visually taller.

This green sofa makes a statement in this simple living room. Think about how you could make a statement with color in your home.

Did you notice the window treatment? How it is hitting the floor effortlessly, making a puddle; the way it’s hung on the brackets with a dark brown border (which looks like leather to me). It's feminine and soft (with tulle drapes) and, yet, masculine and hard (polished chrome brackets and rod, and gray color drapes) at the same time, which brings balance to the colorful decor.

The Master bedroom is nice and airy, continuing the balance between masculine and feminine with an added touch of Yellow, which makes the room come alive.

As seen here, a great decor idea if you want to make the bathroom look larger is to add a floor-to-ceiling mirror on one of the walls. 

What to do think of the house? What are the decor elements that you like from this house? Which ones could you see in your own home?

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