Inspired by Eve Ashcraft the Paint Whisperer [Interior Design Idea]

Have you ever heard of a paint whisperer before? NO? Neither did I.  I came upon Eve Ashcraft work in the New York Times' Home and Garden Section, she is an architectural color consultant.  She develops color plans that matches the clients project and has developed hundreds still life scaled surfaces where she rents them out to stylist through Brilliant surface.  

When I saw the photos of her home I felt so inspired. How she uses color to decorate her home, to create architectural definition, and character.  Her color palette with shots of color definately resonates with me as I love shots of color too. Check out these images from her home. I especially love how she painted the inside of a door trim to create interest, and the built in bar around the kitchen window, such a clever use of space. 

How do you like it?  Do you feel inspired to add a pop of color into your home?  What do you like of the spaces above?

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