The Beauty of Natural Stone [Interior Design Idea]

I've always been attracted to natural stone and the many ways and forms it comes in, it's timeless and a beautifull design element.   They can be use as countertop, on walls, floors, fireplace mantel, furniture and as a wall art like the picture above.  It's amazing what mother nature can give us. I call it the jewels of nature, always giving us something unexpected, like a work of art.  This bookmatched yellow onyx on the picture above is an example, when you walk into this bathroom you can feel the granduer of the space, and appreciate the form and lines of the stone.   While it is a costly venture to put up a slab like this, but think of the spectacular result it will have.  This will be the only piece of art that you need in the entire space. 

What do you think, do you have any natural stone element in your space?

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