Artsy Wednesday...YellowKorner

This past saturday while I was baby sitting my niece, we walked around Soho and I stumbled upon this great gallery, Yellow Korner, where they have amazing art photography from different artist, I was ecstatic about this place.  The photographs come either already framed in black, silver or perspex or unframed, and all at really affordable prices.   Above are some of the photographs that I am hearting from Yellow Korner,  please visit their site for more and let me know which ones are you favorite.  They just opened a flagship store in Soho, NY not too long ago, and with other locations in France, and Belgium.

And as the holidays are coming closer, I think these will make an amazing gift for friends and families that collects art, or as a first piece of art to kick off a collection.


Multi Tasking with a Coat Hook


I was visiting my dermatologist some time ago, and I saw these amazingly beautiful coat hook at the door, and I thought to myself what a shame that it is hidden behind the door.  It's totally doing a disservice to the coat hook.  Such a beautiful and well designed piece should be front and center, it should serve it's purpose as a decorative piece that is also functional.  So, when I saw them I imagened the following ways that I can use them:

1. Use them as coat hooks and display them on a row of 3 or 5 at your entry way, depending on how much wall space you have.  The hooks are visually appealing and it serves its purpose.

2. Use them as a display for your accessories in your bedroom, it looks good, it saves space (if you have don't have a lot of surface space), and you can show off your accessories collection.  You can install a cluster of them together and put a frame around it so that it looks more like an art piece, or you can install them at varying height to create a visual interest. 

3.  Use them as art hooks on a wall of a living room to hang your favorite artwork. This will only add to the oomph factor of your art display.

How about you, in what other ways have you use a coat hook?


My interview with Under the Mango Tree

Hello, Everyone

I am back in NY, and it feels good to be back.  A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed by StacyAnn Forrester of Under the Mango Tree, about my perspective of the United states.  In her blog, StacyAnn talks about global health, development and life, and she has a new series called the Native Perspective, where she interviews people from Latin America and the Caribbean about their perspective of the United States.  And here's my interview Latin America and the Caribbean: The Native Perspective.  Hope you guys like it.



Ahhh.....Rome!! So sad to be saying goodbye to Rome, wish I could stay longer and get to know it better.  But for the 5 days that I have been here, I thoroughly enjoyed it, every street corner is a sight of it's own, all the piazza's, the spanish step, the streets, cafe's,  ancient Rome, especially the Colosseum, the Vatican City, and the Pantheon.

See you back here next week where I will be back in NYC.

Have a nice weekend!!


Siena, San Gimignano, and Pisa

When we were in Florence we took a bus tour to the neighboring cities of Siena, San Gimignano, and Pisa.   I am not a fan of bus tour because I think they are always in a rush and you don't spend nearly enough time to see each place you visit, but this tour was well worth it, we had enough time at each city to explore and take pictures.  So our first stop was Siena, it's a world heritage site, and it houses the oldest bank in the world and where most of the people are employed, it's a very small town, and as the Sienese say, they are three kinds of people in Siena, the one's that work at the bank, the one's that are retired from the bank, and the one's that are waiting to work at the bank.  And it's also the site where the last James Bond was shot.  The cathedral of Siena is one of the most beautiful romanesque church that I have seen so far.
Next stop was lunch under the tuscan sun.  We went to a organic wine farm for lunch, and wine overlooking the vineyard, it was breathtaking.  When we were there we also met with the Chianina, it tried to bit Yuri's feet off.  And then we were off into the town of San Gimignano, where we had the world famous Gelato, it was very yummie.
And the next and last stop was Pisa, where the leaning tower of Pisa lies.

If I don't see you back here tomorrow, I will be seeing you back in NYC as we are saying goodbye to Italy on Sunday.

Have a great day everyone!!!



Climbing the narrow stairs of the Duomo! 

Painting on the Duomo 

 A view inside the Duomo

 Views of Florence from the top of the Duomo

Traffic jam on our way down the stairs of the Duomo 

The highlight of the day, David by Michelangelo (the real David)

The Duomo itself 

Street view from our hotel room 

 At the Mercato Central

Street view of Florence 

Having fun with David (the replica outside next to the Uffizi Gallery)

Day and nite views of  Florence, and the Ponte Vecchio

Florence or Firenze as the Italians calls it, is a nice quaint medieval italian town, with a lot of churches and palaces, small streets, and you can definitely walk everywhere in Florence.  The one thing that I did not expect were mosquitos, and alot of Cubans living in Florence.  As a matter of fact the hotel we stayed at was owned by a Cuban.  So, our first day there, we waited in anticipation to see the David at the Academia.  But before that we climbed 463 steps up to the famous Duomo, which had spectacular views of Florence.  So, it was finally time to go see David, and I have to say he is a perfect 10.  He has the perfect proportion, we sat there admiring him and discussing him for about 20 minute.  This was definitely the highlight of Florence.
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