Friday, August 27

Look what I got in the mail today?  VT Wonen and 101 Ideeen, they are interior design magazine from Holland.  Today I was a very Happy girl.  I can't wait to look through them, and get back to you guys about ideas, tips and design advice.

Have a happy weekend.

Thursday August 26

Mr. Christoforo Colombo

I am not sure who's work this is, but it reminds me of Don Quixote de la Mancha

Bolts of Fabric


Wednesday August 25

It's already Wednesday and it's still raining here in NYC. If you have been reading or if you live in NYC you know it's been raining since Sunday.  Maybe we should do a sun dance for the sun to come out.

The pictures above is what's on my bookshelves, and can you tell that my favorite writer is Murakami?

I love books, and they absolutely add to the homey feeling of a home.

How about you do you own alot of books and how do they make you feel?  Who is your favorite writer?


Tuesday August 24


Monday August 23


It's been raining in NYC since yesterday, the weather is dark, cloudy, and windy, totally depressing. 


When are you going to show us some LOVE, come out with  your bright sunny rays, this will make me very happy.

Design Dilemma...The color Pink

So, I have a friend that needs some design help for his master bedroom.  They want to create a sophisticated, elegant and comfortable oasis for their master bedroom.  The scheme in their bedroom now are light blue walls, geometric light blue bedsheets and bedspread, with dark brown furniture and some white accent artworks, I love the scheme that they have, but it is lacking some punch color I thought.  So in order to break down the monotone and add some pizzazz into the bedroom I recommended hot pink as an accent color, maybe for the rug or some throw pillow or as an artwork.   And he was kinda SILENT.  I know we all have a preconceived notion about Pink, PINK = GIRLIE = NOT MASCULINE but PINK=THE NEW BLUE now.  Use in the right way it gives warmth and sparkle in a room.  Moreover, Pink is associated with LOVE and ROMANCE.  It is TRENDY and PAYFUL,  all of the characteristics that they need in the bedroom, and with the combination of the dark furniture, and light blue blue walls, it will make the room look refined.

 I hope after seeing this post he will be convince to add some pink in the bedroom.

What do you think about the color PINK? Is it a color that you would want to use one day in your home? 


Sunday August 22

We were making Devil Eggs yesterday, and look what came out!! We were laughing out LOUD, this was wayyyy too funny.   It reminded me of the Lego characters.

Saturday August 21

I just realized it's been 3 days that I have not posted something, and i feel bad about it.  So here is a recap of what i did for the past couple of days:

Took the boat across to Ikea in Brooklyn.

LOVING these silk  pillows from Ikea.  Need to go back and get some next time.  

At the taping of The Nate Berkus show

Food shopping for Yuri's Bday Party

Preparing for the party.  Will have more pictures tomorrow


Tuesday August 17

Hi, another day at the NYIGF and my feet are exhausted.  Saw some pretty RADD stuff today and it totally made my day worthwhile at the NYIGF. 

Here's the company that made my day today:

These artwork belongs to DFC Mexico City.  The collection is called Chinoseria which is based on Chinoiserie but with a modern take on it.  Aren't those little doll heads amazing? They are made out of beads by artisans from Mexico.  And I also love the ceramic animal heads and the Buddha heads.  I imagine them in the home of a quirky collector or as a fun unexpected piece in a modern home. The owner/designer's name is Tony, his partner and him have been living in Mexico DF for five years now, and they hire artisans from all over Mexico to bring their designs to life. 

What do you think, are these pieces your style?

Monday August 16

Walk down to the Jacob Javits center yesterday from home on 12th ave, and saw some beautiful skyline and also the Empire state all the way from the West side.  Went to the NYIGF to take a look at what's new this season, and saw some pretty awesome things. Will be sharing it with you when my NYIGF trip is complete. 
And I got a die for necklace at one of the booths, they were selling one off necklaces from Kenya that the owner collected for many many years, and is not even made anymore in Kenya, I was a very happy girl after this purchase. 

View from 53th street at 12th Ave.

The Empire state from 46th street at 12 Ave.

 42nd Street and 12th ave
My original brass necklace from Kenya.

On another note, we also celebrated my hubbie's birthday at non other place than at Peter Luger's.  He's been wanting to go there for a very long time and his wish came true.   The steak was very juicy, meaty, and tender.  I still can't believe we finished the whole steak, and had dessert with a huge portion of home made whip cream from Peter Luger's. 

The steak was just right, juicy and tender, with sides of spinach and German potatoes

 Very funny pic of Y, he was very happy after finishing the steak

A Very bare T-Bone
Thank you for reading Happy Lady Decorates. I would love to hear from you about your design dilemma's or any other design problems you might have, just shoot me an email or leave me a comment and I will be very Happy to help you out with it.
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