Happy Picks of the Week

I was in Crate and Barrel recently and saw some really great stuff, and wanted to share with you guys what I found. So this weeks Happy Picks comes from Crate and Barrel.

Spotlight White Desk
  Classic and minimal.  We had bought this desk for a client a year ago in the ebony finish, had painted it white, and it looked fabulous, and look now, they came out with a white version.  

Dakota Dining Table
I love the rough hewn texture of the table, and the actual finish on the table is quiet nice, it's lighter than what's on the picture.  If the color is not  your favorite, you can always add a wash of paint over it, giving it color and still keeping the texture of the table. 

Vienna Side Chair
This chair makes the perfect dining table chair or a desk chair, it also comes in white and also as bar stools.

Shadow box tower
This is an oldie but still a goodie.  It's so well made and the lines and proportion of the piece is just right for any decor.  If you don't like the cold steel graphite look, you can always paint it with in a glossy colored finish.

Parsons Floor Mirror
Definitely a statement mirror.  

Oasis Sofa
This sofa is by far the best sofa i've seen at Crate and Barrel it so soft and cushiony.  It's great for lounging in it with a book, watch t.v and even sleep in it.   If you want to be more creative with the sofa, you can have the seat cushions and the back pillows upholstered in a different fabric.  This sofa is so laid back that it gives you the permission to be creative with it.

Zak Table Lamp
Perfect table lamp for any decor.  For a different look or a whimsical touch, change out the shade, or add/glue a nice shimmery applique on the base or shade.

Do you have a favorite Crate and Barrel piece?  

Have a nice and wonderful week everyone, and I'll see you back here on Monday.

Inspiration... My dream farmhouse kitchen

Heya, welcome back, today on a  Friday where I have a great kitchen inspiration for you.  I saw this kitchen in the recent issue of House Beautiful and I am swooning over it.  It made me think about my future home in Aruba, and this is the dream kitchen that I want.

 (all images House Beautiful)

Here are the reasons why I am in love with this kitchen:

1. There are two separate area, the hidden part, which is the pantry on the side that houses the fridge, an industrial size working table, and a 12' industrial size sink.   and the second part which is the dining area houses the hidden but not so hidden prep sink and stove.

2.  The second part which is the dining area  houses the hidden but not so hidden wash sink and stove, a minimal look that I like, keeping this area open and airy without the clutter of a full functioning kitchen in the dining area.  

3. The washbasin in the dining area is awesome, a very clever design and very practical.  The sink is large enough for what you want to wash, and it has space on the side to put the washed produce or other things in it. And what I love the most is that the sink is recessed, which means water or anything else will not spill out onto the floor.

4. I love it that the stove and sink area is decorated as part of the living/dining area.  You know when sometimes you walk into a space you can see that there is a clear difference between the dining/living area and the kitchen area?  Not with this space, it's all done like it's one continuous space and the sink and stove just happens to be there.  They look more like pieces of cabinetry. 

5. I like to cook a lot at home, so I would probably put the stove in the hidden pantry area so that the decorative elements won't get messed up with oil splattering all over them, and to keep the smell of food out of the public spaces.   In the area of where the stove is now, I would use that as a bar area instead.

6. Who doesn't like free flowing beer on tap?

What do you think of the separate kitchen spaces, do you have a favorite kitchen that you would love to have one day or do you already have your dream kitchen?

Stay tuned for my Happy Picks of the Week later on today. 


Artsy Wednesday...Richard Heeps

Hi, there welcome back to another edition of Artsy Wednesday.  Today's feature is Richard Heeps from the UK.  I discovered him at the Affordable Art Fair in NY, what attracted me to his photograph was the intensity of the color of his subject matter.  He really puts great attention in photographing them and it brings out the subject's truest form, and there is a feeling of nostalgia surrounding them. A feeling like you will never forget about me. 

Enigma Machine


Sun 45

Miss Slinky Sparkles


Martie's Cupcakes
My own piece of Richard Heeps bought at the AAF, aren't they yummie, don't you just want to reach out and grab one?

So, are you ready head over the his portfolio for more goodies? Make sure you come back and let me know which one is your favorite. 

As a side note the AAF will be back in NY from Sept. 29-Oct.3.  Too bad I will be missing it, I will be away vacationing in Italy. 

Take your time and enjoy the day, or if you want to go out and grab a cup cake, just go and don't think twice.  It will definitely make life much sweeter. 


Happy Picks of the Week

Gilt handchair sculpture by Pedro Friedeberg

(image from Todd Merrill)

Iron and Leather Bench

Loren Desk

 Miao Necklace

(image Beyul)

Ella Table

 (image Baker)


Artsy Wednesday...Creative Clayworks

I found Creative Clayworks, some weeks ago when I went to the American crafts festival, on the plazas of Lincoln center in Manhattan.  I spotted Creative works from afar, I saw some twinkle of colors but wasn't sure what it was, the vibrant colors immediately attracted me to the booth.  And when I came close to it, and saw what was there, I was immediately in love with it.  They were miniature clay-works of everyday objects, like jars, cups, saucers, and vases in an array of vibrant color, arranged in different layouts in frames of different sizes.  The creator, Carlos Silva creates miniature jars from raw materials, that are carefully hand tooled on spinning wheels and oven baked at high temperatures.  His work is simply amazing, see here for yourself:


What I bought
(image HLD)

Too bad he doesn't have a website yet, he is still working on it, but I really hope it will be ready soon.  He has alot more collection that is not shown on the photos.  In the mean time if you want to contact him for further info, pricing for specific piece or will he will show up next,  you can reach him at centuriesclayworks@gmail.com.


Comfy Corners...and how to create one

Each one of us, need a comfy corner just to sit and relax, read a good book, drink tea or wine, where we can feel comfortable to unwind for the day or to take a break in the middle of the day  to enjoy ourselves, or whenever we want to.  Whether it's our living room, bedroom or in the patio, we all need a corner where we can unwind, I know I do. 

Here are some inspirations of my favorite Comfy Corners:

 (Image House to Home)

(Image B and B Italia)

(Image House to Home)

(Image House to Home)

(Image Living Etc)

(Image HLD)

 Here are the 5 steps for creating your own happy corner, whether it's in the living room, bedroom, outdoor patio or anywhere you like: 

1. Choosing the furniture piece, it could be an arm chair with an ottoman, a chaise, or a lounge chair with slipcovers.  Most important of all it should be comfortable, and it should coordinate with your decor.

2. Placing a throw or a soft sheepskin rug on the piece to make it more inviting, and warm. 

3. Add a throw pillow, depending on the width and height of the chair, I find that the perfect dimensions are 12 x 12 or 18 x 18 square or a lumber pillow that is 12 x 6, or if it is a chaise a round lumber pillow that is 5" diameter works great.

4. Next we need to have a table and a floor lamp or table lamp next to it for convenience, when we need to put a glass of wine or tea down, a book, etc, we have a place to put it instead of the floor, and a lamp for when the sun goes down we need a bit of illumination. 

5. At the background add your favorite music, sit back and relax.

So, are you ready for creating your own comfy corner? 


Inspiration...Sitting Areas

 Wall of Botany

(Image Metropolitan Home)

Love how the botany pictures are displayed against the violet walls, it really makes the pictures pop, and the sconces also blends into them with a leafy design.

  Couture Sofa

        (Image Decorati by DWM)

The interesting button details on the sofa looks like twinkling stars, and the brass corner detail of the lucite table definitely gives it a glamorous factor to a otherwise regular lucite table.

Tented area
(Image Decorati)

 Bring the outside in by creating a interesting tented area in a separate space like a  home office or your own separate sitting area.  Giving you the illusion that you are in an outdoor space next to a pool.  Did you see the little chair on the left corner - love it when there is an element of surprise in a space, it gives the space character.

The Shell Chair
(Image Finola Inger)

The shell chair with the Moire fabric really feels like it's on the ocean. 

Light and Airy
(Image  Decorati)

This room is so light and airy that I just want to jump in there lay on the bench and read a book with a glass of wine.  In my opinion the silver stool with the pink fabric made the room giving it a touch of femininity and color.   The mix of brass and silver also really works in the space, because all the elements in here have the same light tone.


Artsy Wednesday...20 x 200

Hiya there

Today's Artsy Wednesday edition comes from 20 x 200.  20 x 200 is a web based art gallery that brings emerging artist together with people like us, the collectors that wants to buy affordable art.  I have bought art from them before and I really like the wide array of options that they have.  I was ecstatic when I first discovered them years ago, because I can actually buy a piece of art at an affordable price.  So, here I have selected 5 of my all time favorites, and hope you will like it too.

This picture really captured  the tenderness and love that the policeman has towards his horse.  I can see this photograph, super sized,  on the wall on top of the sofa.

 The calm and serene composition of this photograph brings me to a place of relaxation, perfect for the bedroom or a boudoir. 

The lamb, piglet  and baby giraffe are so cute, they are perfect in a kids room. 

There is something about the beach that I always gravitate to, these pictures were taken in different days  and times, look what a difference it makes.  It really shows how we are always evolving.  I imagine this in a bedroom of a beach house laying against a wall on the floor behind an x base side table. 

I believe great art are the ones that speaks to us, so what do you think about these pictures, do they speak to you, how do they make you feel?  Do you have a favorite piece that speaks to you, and how is it displayed in your home?
Thank you for reading Happy Lady Decorates. I would love to hear from you about your design dilemma's or any other design problems you might have, just shoot me an email or leave me a comment and I will be very Happy to help you out with it.
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