(Images from HouseCouterier)

Love the detail of the bed, and how delicate and feminine it is.  And the Grand Salle wallpaper at the background is wonderful.



Happy Friday

(Images from Christine Tse for Chez Cha)

Happy Friday everyone.  What are your plans for this weekend?  I hope that you are enjoying the nice warm and sunny days that we are having after the downpour of last week.  Well, my plans for this weekend is to visit the Architectural Digest show and Dining by Design this saturday, and then go to Ikea for some home shopping, and make a nice dinner.  I have so many recipes that I am dying to try out and this saturday seems like a good day to start on the many recipes that I have.  My sister brought me a great recipe from Aruba, I might make this, stay tuned.  And then on Sunday off to Zumba in the morning.  Have you tried Zumba?  If not you should definately try it, it's alot of fun and it will make you SWEAT.  And then head home for some spring cleaning.  Every change of season my husband and I do a cleaning, we clean out the closets, kitchen cabinets, and everywhere else that needs some cleaning, and we make piles for throw outs, donations and to keep.

So this will be my weekend, how are you spending your weekend?



Liberty of London


Inspiration...Kids Art wall

(Image via Design*Sponge)

This is a great way to display your kid's artwork.  It's a space large enough that allows for extra hanging space once the collection starts to expand.

How do you display your kids artwork?



Spoon Chairs

(Image via Point Click Home)

I love these spoon chairs, they have the perfect shape/silhouette, feminine and sexy looking.  The owner found these chairs at the Salvation Army, how lucky is she?

Do you have a favorite chair?



Inspiration...White Boudoir

(Image via Atlanta Home)

I love how light and airy this bathroom feels, with the tall windows and the light linen fabric window treatment, white walls and white floors, and a touch of neutral beige colors on the furniture.  The black and white picture frames definately gives character to this elegant boudoir.



Krafty Friday

Hi you all,

The past Friday was a bit busy and I didn't post my Krafty Friday post, but here it is. 

Please check out these cute and lovely bookmarks from Little Light Studio..  I am sure you can make a good use of it, one can never have enough bookmarks, I  know I can't.  Whenever I read a new book, I need a new bookmark, for some reason I always leave bookmarks in the book that I finish reading. 


Enjoy !!



Inspiration...Seeing blue

(Image via Kleur Inspiratie)

(Image via Desire to Inspire)

(Image via Home and Garden)

(Image via House and Gardens)

I love the spindle fabric, and talked about it here.

(Image from Domino)

(Image via House Beautifull)

(Image via Living etc.)




(Image via 20x200)

Seeing these colorful pants really made my day.  It reminds me of how colorful and wonderful life is. 



Inspiration...Perfume Bottles

(Image from Z Gallerie)

These perfume bottles brings a feeling of old hollywood glamour that I love.  I imagine them on mirrored vanity with a venetian mirror, a very feminine chair, and a very soft flokati rug and a murano glass chandelier.

For details about products click here. (Note: For the table lamp I would use a silver base instead of the brass base, couldn't find a picture with silver base).



Pip Studio..."Happy Products for Happy People"








(Image from Pip Studio)

I was looking through Pip Studio's web shop and totally fell in love with her products.  I wanted to buy everything that she has in her shop especially the cups and plate. 

So who's Pip?  Well she's born in Holland in a small village along the beach.  And after she graduated from Academie van Schone Kunsten (Arts academy) she bought a house along the banks of the city and started her studio in the attic of her house, and named it Pip Studio.  

Her motto is " Happy Products for Happy People"  The products that she makes needs to be that good that she herself wants to keep and also when giving it out as a gift it needs to bring delight and happiness to the person that is receiving it.  

And I think she totally nailed it.  I would be very happy and delighted if I would to receive one of her creations and I will keep it forever and hand it down to my kids. 

Take a look at Pip Studio's website.  She ships overseas. 


Thank you for reading Happy Lady Decorates. I would love to hear from you about your design dilemma's or any other design problems you might have, just shoot me an email or leave me a comment and I will be very Happy to help you out with it.
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