(Image from Purl Bee)

How would you like to knit these yummie coasters for a fast and easy weekend project? You can knit these with any left over yarns that you have. Check out Purl Bee for the knitting pattern.



The perfect Boudoir

(Image from Domino)

The very first time I saw these pictures of Carolina Herrera jr's boudoir I fell in love with it.
The claw foot bathtub, the chaise, the wallpaper, the mirror, the carpet - it all feels so feminine, glamorous, warm and relaxing.



Inspiration...Jordi Canosa Photography

Have you ever looked at  picture or a photograph and totally connected with it?
Well I just have, the house and interior shots of Jordi Canosa definitely spoke to me, it brought back memories of Aruba, and also a future house to be built there.  From the moment I saw the photographs, I fell head over heals for it.  I imagine myself in the space, with friends over for tapas and wine and enjoying each others company.


Casa Paola  - Love the blue accent in this house, it really pops against the white of the house

Casa Elena


Casa Anna




Casa Ingrid Formentera

Have you ever encounter a picture, interior, an artwork or anything that spoke to you?



8 Great Dining Tables

1. Trestle Drop Leaf table from Crate and Barrel.
    This table doubles as a dining table and a console.  Take it out when you have guest over for a dinner      and when you are done, put it aside and use it as a console to display artwork. Also a great way to safe space in your home when space is limited.

2. Loft Dining table from Z Gallerie.   
    This dining table with a starbust top and cut out rectangular base will surely make a bold statement in your home and it's also expendable with it's sturdy top can also double as a play area for kids. 

3. Turned leg dining table by Brocade Home.
  This sexy dining table in high gloss can also double as a work desk.  Put a glass top on it, and this baby will last forever.


 4. Newport drop leaf table from Crate and Barrel.
     I just love the base on this table, and it can double as a console.

5. Simplice table from B and B Italia by Max Aalto.
    Just as the name implies, I love the simplicity of this table and the x - base, it fits into any decor, modern or  traditional. 

6. Atlantis table from Glas Italia.

7. Tokio table from Casa Milano.
    Another statement table, I imagine this table with the blue wishbone chairs, in a loft or somewhere in a beach house.

8.  Gong Table from Meridiani.
This one is my favorite table, it simple yet stunning.

Which table is your favorite?



Vintage Bookcase

                                                          (Top image from Jaren Goh Design, bottom two image via Design Milk)

The designer Jaren Goh designed this bookcase "with the purpose of blending the flamboyance of the baroque style with the simplicity of the contemporary approach." The bookcase looks striking alone, but in case you do want to display your book collection, its very sturdily constructed, so go ahead and display you favorite books. 

You can purchase this at fyndesshop.


Blue and White Kitchen

(Image from Metropolitan home)

I love how they added interest and color in this kitchen by drawing squares on the walls and outlining the cabinet doors and panels. A great way to update the kitchen without burning the wallet. This is definately a kitchen with a statement, and I love that blue pendant.

What do you think about the kitchen - do you like it, love it or hate it?
Would this be an interesting way for you to update your kitchen?




Images from Lisa Congdon from A Collection a Day. She is an artist, illustrator and she has been collecting since she was a very young girl. She started this blog to document her collection, and I have to say she has some amazing collection, and they way she arranged each collection to be photograped is amazing. It reminds me of my childhood in Aruba where my mom had an old black singer sewing machines with the thread spools, my moms 7o's shoes that I would where eventhough they didn't fit, and a lot more.

What does these images or other images in her blog remind you of?




This past weekend we went to the butterfly conservatory at the natural museum of natural history here in NYC, and I was blown away with all the different butterflies that existed. While we walked through the conservatory we saw all these butterflies flying around in a multitude of vibrant, jewel colors, I was mesmerized. It's amazing how all these colors exist in nature, they were very inspiring.

And some more images that I took from a botanical book. Sorry can't remember the name now.

And just today I found Ali Edward via Kireei and she has a wonderful butterfly craft project that seems very easy to make. This will be my weekend project for this coming week. The projects involves a butterfly puncher, scraps of paper, adhesives, foam dots to glue the butterflies onto the card stock, and a frame. I wonder if we can do this with fabric instead of paper?

(Images from Ali Edward)
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