Climbing the narrow stairs of the Duomo! 

Painting on the Duomo 

 A view inside the Duomo

 Views of Florence from the top of the Duomo

Traffic jam on our way down the stairs of the Duomo 

The highlight of the day, David by Michelangelo (the real David)

The Duomo itself 

Street view from our hotel room 

 At the Mercato Central

Street view of Florence 

Having fun with David (the replica outside next to the Uffizi Gallery)

Day and nite views of  Florence, and the Ponte Vecchio

Florence or Firenze as the Italians calls it, is a nice quaint medieval italian town, with a lot of churches and palaces, small streets, and you can definitely walk everywhere in Florence.  The one thing that I did not expect were mosquitos, and alot of Cubans living in Florence.  As a matter of fact the hotel we stayed at was owned by a Cuban.  So, our first day there, we waited in anticipation to see the David at the Academia.  But before that we climbed 463 steps up to the famous Duomo, which had spectacular views of Florence.  So, it was finally time to go see David, and I have to say he is a perfect 10.  He has the perfect proportion, we sat there admiring him and discussing him for about 20 minute.  This was definitely the highlight of Florence.


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