Design Dilemma...The color Pink

So, I have a friend that needs some design help for his master bedroom.  They want to create a sophisticated, elegant and comfortable oasis for their master bedroom.  The scheme in their bedroom now are light blue walls, geometric light blue bedsheets and bedspread, with dark brown furniture and some white accent artworks, I love the scheme that they have, but it is lacking some punch color I thought.  So in order to break down the monotone and add some pizzazz into the bedroom I recommended hot pink as an accent color, maybe for the rug or some throw pillow or as an artwork.   And he was kinda SILENT.  I know we all have a preconceived notion about Pink, PINK = GIRLIE = NOT MASCULINE but PINK=THE NEW BLUE now.  Use in the right way it gives warmth and sparkle in a room.  Moreover, Pink is associated with LOVE and ROMANCE.  It is TRENDY and PAYFUL,  all of the characteristics that they need in the bedroom, and with the combination of the dark furniture, and light blue blue walls, it will make the room look refined.

 I hope after seeing this post he will be convince to add some pink in the bedroom.

What do you think about the color PINK? Is it a color that you would want to use one day in your home? 


Amanda said...

Hey Christine...I did find a pink rug but he is still hesitant about it. BUT I truly love the pictures above and I would definitely be willing to try it out. He is not as adventurous..LOL

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