Artsy Wednesday...Willy Rojas

Hi there, it's Wednesday and I am feeling giggly today because of the artist that I am featuring today, Willy Rojas.  Willy Rojas is a Colombian born photographer and now resides in Barcelona, Spain.   I discovered him this year at the Affordable Art fair here in NYC and instantly fell in love with his work.  I just stood there admiring his work for ten minutes, and figuring out why it draws me in so much, his work was totally speaking to me,  the burst of colors, the humor and his use of everyday fruits and objects, it brought me right back to my childhood where I used to play with plastic dolls and kitchen sets pretending to cook in a  make believe world.  I hope when you see these pictures it will transport you to a happy place, like it did for me.

So, how did these pictures or the ones in his portfolio make you feel?

I would love to own a series of his photograph some day.  I can already envision them as a grouping of three by three in rows or grids on a wall at the dining area or as a backdrop behind the headboard in the kids bedroom or on a wall in the kids play area. How awesome would this be?

Enjoy your day and I will see you back here on Friday with my great buys of the week.

And thank you for stopping by. 


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