Chalkable Silhouettes

Images from Wall Candy Arts

Images from ModernDose

I came across a chalkable silhouette in a bathroom of a restaurant in NYC and thought it was a great idea. A great way to add interest to a wall and you can write on it.


Color Palette

Love how well these colors work together, and the pop of color (yellow, blue)

Images from The Sartorialist


White Wash Tray and Stand


Available in stores only @ West Elm


Spindle Fabric

I have this fabric on my desk for quit a while now, and need to find a home for it. It comes in array of beautiful and fun colors and can be use for almost anything, upholstery, wallcovering, for a lampshade, even for bedding. The fabric is soft and not scratchy.

The fabric is designed by Ilse Crawford for Christopher Farr Cloth

The white fabric behind it is a RL Home Linen

(Images from Ilse Crawford and Christopher Farr )


Ekobo - Eco Chic Home Accesories

I came across Ekobo's products while vacationing in Montreal, their product really caught my eye. It's made out of Bamboo which is a renewable product, and they come in a variety of great bright colors. In addition to being useful they are great to put on top of a dining table, coffee table or on shelves as an art piece.

Images from Ekobo


African Feather Headdress

I love the feather headdress, makes a good conversational piece, and it comes in a variety of vibrant colors. I especially love the teal. Good for placing above a fireplace, on a wall by the dining area or at the end of a hall way. It's made of chicken feathers and vegetable dye

Image from Elle Decor, African headdress from Tucker Robbins


Miniature Architectural Stair Model

I love these stair models, these are great pieces that adds to the decor of any space, a modern, traditional, or a contemporary one.

Images by 1stdibs.com





Fabrics by Caroline Quatermaine - http://www.carolynquartermaine.com/index.html
I have used her fabrics for a client to make pillows and to upholster chairs and they look amazing. Too bad I don't have pictures of these yet, but will post them as soon as I have them.


Dining by Design, NYC Part 1

The chinese Pavillion



This mushroom table top is made out of rice - how fabulouse is this???

Hmmm.......yummie - LOVE tea and cupcakes
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