Ikea Faves 3

This is by far my favorite Ikea purchase, this lounge chair is sooooo comfortable, you won't even believe it. And make sure to get the head rest otherwise it would not be as comfortable. By adding the sheepskin rug, also from Ikea, makes the lounge chair look luscious and expensive.

Do you have a favorite Ikea piece?

Click here for the chair and here for the rug


parallel-botany said...

Thanks for the tip about this chair, I've never seen it. You know, I used to be so up on the latest Ikea stuff, but I've kind of fallen behind in the past year or so.

My favorite Ikea furniture that I have is their stainless steel Omar shelving, which is Ikea's knock-off of Metro shelving. Very sturdy, simple pieces. I have it in my kitchen.


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